Teeth Whitening Refill Kit

Our Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Uses Dental Grade Whitening Ingredients For Safe And Outstanding Results With No Sensitivity.

(This Refill Kit Is To Be Used With The Miami White Teeth Whitening Kit)


Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Enamel Safe Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Formula.

Teeth Whitening Refill KitClinically Proven Results 2 - 13 shades whiter teeth. Results Can Be Seen In ONE 16 Minute Session.

Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Our products are safe, complying with ACCC & FDA regulations.

Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Vegan Friendly | Gluten Free | BPA FREE | NOT Tested On Animals

 Teeth Whitening Refill Kit  Easy to use

Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Proprietary Blended Formula To Cause No Sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Refill Kit Have a question or would like to know more information check out our Help Center.


  • 3 x GOLD 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pens (24 - 30 Applications)


  • While There Are Quite A Few Different Active Ingredients On The Market In Different Formulas For Teeth whitening They All Are Quite Different.

    We use 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Which Activates Much Faster Then 18% Carbamide Peroxide & Non Peroxide Formulas.

    The Main Issue Users Would Find With Peroxide Based Teeth Whitening Kits Was Teeth Sensitivity After Use. We Have Overcome This By Using A Proprietary Blended Formula And Using 6% Hydrogen Peroxide With A Smart LED Mouth Tray To Speed Up The Process More Effectively And Keeping Treatment Times At 16 Minutes Or Less.

    • We Use Teeth Whitening Pens Instead Of the Typical Syringe Gel System, Here Are A Few Reasons Why Below:
    1. You DON'T Get Gel On Your Gums Or Lips Which Can Cause Irritation.
    2. You Can Whiten All Your Teeth With Our Pens Not Just The Front Teeth.
    3. Spot Whiten Teeth If They Need A Bit More Attention Then The Rest.
    • We Have Backed Our Teeth Whitening Kit With A 100% Money Back Guarantee. You Can Read More HERE.
    • FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING Within Australia.

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